ER with a 4 Year Old

Arienette (4) decided that 9:00 Saturday night was the perfect time to stick a bead in her ear. You know, to get out of having to be in bed. So, I flushed, like 8 times, with peroxide. Nothing. I tried tipping her head the other way, and patting the other ear, hoping it would fall out. Nothing. I even tried, VERY gently, using a pen light, and a pair of bead tweezers, and very quickly realized she would not stay still enough to safely do that.
So, off to the emergency room it was. The only problem with that was that Krishna (15) had my only set of house keys, and was out watching the fireworks. I figured, it would take at least an hour, anyway, so off we go.
First the Dr tried to hook it out. Nope. Then, he spent 10 minutes with a suction hose, and the nurse holding her head still, while pulling her ear lobe to open it up more. Finally, the little fucker popped out.
We got home, and waited about 35 minutes on the porch for Krish, but, I suppose this harrowing first trip to the er taught Ari that nothing goes in the ear. She actually even managed to go straight to sleep once we got up stairs.



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